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Marketing Tools To Get Business Booming

Founded in 2000, ProMarketingIncentives (PMI) is the only sales incentive company that offers no restrictions. You get some major benefits from this!

Connect with everyone

Connect with everyone

Connect easily with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and much more.

Worry Free Support

Worry Free Support

We handle all customer support, so you don't have to.

A Multitude Of Strategies

A Multitude Of Strategies

Choose from simple or complex strategies to scale your business.

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Trusted Partners

With 15 years of business, we remain a dedicated leader and pioneer of the marketing incentive industry. We are trusted by American Express, Ford, Geico and many other recognizable names.

What can YOU do with our incentives to help build your business? Check out some of our popular items to find out what others do!


Build With Us

We are the ONLY incentive company that offers NO restrictions incentives!

Any business that sells a product or service has a use for something that can help them get more customers, higher sales volume and more profit.

Our product is something everyone enjoys and uses. It’s backed by rock solid guarantees, ​​concierge support, and offers uber flexibility.


Our Guarantee

The most mega-thrilling thing about our company is our unbeatable guarantees. A cornerstone of our company mission is trust, and our customers rightfully expect it from us. Here’s how we deliver.

We guarantee the following: No blackout dates. No timeshare presentations. No advanced booking required. ​​ Concierge support. We also now offer a best price guarantee on all our incentives!


Legendary Service

Please indulge us in a little experiment. Please tell us the name of an incentive company that offers all of the below.
~ N​o restrictions
~ ​Guaranteed Savings Available
~ No hidden fees

There is only one. (HINT: It’s us!) And we top it off with service. Our team is there to help your customers or guests with questions, reservations and more.


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For more information as we offer a protected white label booking solution so that your customers never find out where your incentives come from - not even when they book their trip!